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Getiey is a pop recording artist. Being a musician-singer from childhood, Getiey grew up with growing passion and skills, later on becoming a songwriter, artist, and producer creating his path.

Getiey's music is distinct for its simple melodies with bigger impact. "Thinking over now, knowing me is much more easier by listening" says Getiey, maybe because, his soul is secretly written in between the words. Music has been his breathe, strength, smile, and love. Getiey says "There is something that I know for sure, that music will always stay".

In 2011, Getiey released his debut single "When Bad Time Push Down Me". Although it was his first release, he had already written a dozen. "When Bad Time Push Down Me" was the third. "Creativity and production are two different things. One needs love and the other needs courage" Getiey says. Having no other way, Getiey finally learned and improved himself to become the producer to make his records his own.

In 2015 Getiey released his first EP "Push Down Me" featuring his first single. "You know, I will be moving, I will be releasing more music, maybe more greater ones in the future, but I want my start to be remembered, because I love that, because that's where taught me what love is".


Genre : Pop / R&B

Born : 21 December 1992