The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

- I'm sharing "the way I feel" with you to get inspired whenever you need. -

If you can't believe in things you can do, don't expect others to believe in them.

I think life should be with obstacles. Otherwise there is no experience. With no experience there is no learning. If there is no learning there is no victory.

For a song melody is the foundation. Lyrics are the bricks. Beat is the cement and music is the paint. The vocals, finally, who are living in it. I usually live alone.

You should be glad when you are disappointed about something. Because that's why you're going to succeed, only if you don't give up.

I know I'm wise. I'm intelligent and I make right decisions. But I have seen that's only till I fall in love.

If you're looking for happiness – be simple, give everything, and expect nothing back.

When things look so negative, it's actually not negative.