This section is exclusively for Getiey’s fans; U! to share your story with all of us. Also you can share your ideas you see about the world.

The best moving story or idea will be turned into lyrics & music. And will be included in Getiey’s coming albums, giving the inspirational credit to the winning Getiey fan.

"You don't have to be scared to say who you are, and what you have gone through. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for being able to stand until the end."


The best story / idea will be selected by the number of votes received (vote ups minus vote downs) from other club members, and on getiey.com team's decisions. But if Getiey thinks any other story is inspiring and deserving more attention to be written, Getiey also can choose any of them.


A "U Song" might not be included in every release of Getiey. It depends on many other factors such as whether the best story is still selected, U songwriting is completed, production is ready to release, and so forth by the time of each Getiey's release.


Remember when you post your stories here it will be visible to public. Therefore consider whether you expose your private / confidential / embarrassing information before you click on submit.

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