Green Album

 Green  Album 

It is the album of love. So is the album to remember! Green Album features additional tracks and other media. Types of content may vary depending on each release, although notable sections would be:


- Additional Tracks

- The Song Book (With Lyrics & Chords)

- Question3

- Random Pics

- Thou'g'hts

- Make A World


The distinct feature of the Green Album is that it does not change the price tag whether it's an EP, Full Album, digital or physical versions of the release. It will retain at its $29.99 forever.


Its following percentages from revenue will be donated:
10% - For people of hunger around the world.
10% - For cancer research.
10% - For environment, wildlife, and animal protection.

Make A World

"Make A World" section includes articles that can help the world think in a better way. You can send your articles to the following e-mail address to be published.

Send them to : [email protected]